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Chief Rabbi of Israel meets President of Cyprus

Chief Rabbi of Israel Rabbi David Lau met the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Nikos Christodulides, at his palace in Nicosia on Wednesday together with Chief Rabbi of Cyprus Arie Zeev Raskin, Israeli Ambassador Oren Anolik, and a rabbinical delegation.

Chief Rabbi Lau and the President reflected on the strong bond between Cyprus and Israel and the historical friendship between the Cypriot and Jewish people during the difficult times of the British internment camps in Cyprus in 1946-1949.

Rabbi Lau mentioned the outstanding collaboration of the Chief Rabbinate of Cyprus with the Chief Rabbinate of Israel and asked the President to support the Chief Rabbi of Cyprus, Arie Zeev Raskin, in promoting religious freedom in the Country.

Chief Rabbi Lau mentioned a few of the main challenges faced by the Jewish community, namely, the lack of practical legislation to accommodate the activities of the Chief Rabbinate of Cyprus, such as authorization to register Jewish marriages in the national civil registry, making Kosher meat available and affordable, and supporting its educational and cultural projects, most notably the Jewish Museum of Cyprus which is under immense progress for the last decade.

The President promised to assist Chief Rabbi Raskin with these critical missions and extended his warm wishes to the Jewish community of Cyprus.

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