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Gan Menachem Kindergarten

The Kindergarten is running successfully in its 8th year of operation. It serves as the first Jewish kindergarten in Cyprus. This vital establishment addresses the need of many young children and offers an incentive for more Jewish families to join the Jewish community in Cyprus and make the island their home. Teaching children their very first lessons in Jewish education. As part of the curriculum, they focus on Hebrew, Mathematics, and English studies - all in a warm, loving Jewish environment, incorporated through: art, music, and literature, taught by a professional team of teachers and staff.

In our kindergarten, every Hebrew and Jewish tradition teacher, teaches and is responsible for Jewish tradition: Holidays, Shabbat, the weekly Torah portion as well as the Hebrew language, and its connection to Israel. In addition, there is an organized program to teach reading in Hebrew.

The children are ready to read towards the end of nursery school.

Pre-festival workshops are held on a Sunday. These workshops are for the children and also their families. The children create things with their parents, the other children, and the kindergarten teachers. Learning together, baking, and cooking together as well as, presenting a show and dance, using different Jewish topics according to the time of the Hebrew year and its seasons. For example, Before Passover, baking matzo, and for Chanukah, they prepare foods with Olive Oil. The Rosh Hashanah Shofar factory. As well as looking ahead for the upcoming Jewish festivals.


Mrs. Shaindel Raskin – Principal of the Kindergarten. Learned teaching in Israel and Toronto Canada.

Mrs. Rivka Levitin (Mora) – A Jewish Israeli kindergarten teacher who has taught in Israel and since 2013, has been teaching here in Cyprus.

Registration 2023-2024!!!

Wonderworld Kindergarden and baby care believe passionately that each child, with needs and interests, should be loved and supported as they grow. The nursery aims to offer the greatest possibility for discovery, exploration, and adventure within a home from home environment.
Above all, the nursery's aim is to promote a “can do” mentality and encourage curiosity in children as they grow into confident, happy, and competent little people who love learning...

Registration is now open. For more information please call 99992770

Wonderworld Babies


It is with much joy that we report, that thanks to friends like you, Wonderworld Babies has opened its doors in September 2018.

Wonderworld Babies has been founded in Larnaca, to care for children between the ages of 0-2. These important first steps will create a solid base for babies to learn and grow with.

Our qualified nursery staff is trained to create a safe, friendly and experienced environment for babies to explore, play and develop in.

Our staff have been busy helping the babies develop their fine and cross motor skills. They give the babies plenty of attention and one to one care. Our staff is inspired to start as they want to have a positive impact on the lives of young babies. From early childhood right through higher education, happiness and learning go hand in hand.

Babies who are happy to be at a baby care center are poised to have a lifelong love for learning and this is our main goal at our baby center. Our baby center provides to all babies nutritional homemade baby meals. We also have a professional infant development instructor to help all babies to grow and develop in the correct way through activities, sitting positions, holding and handling things correctly.

Registration is now open. For more information please call 99992770

King David Private School

Project under Study

The King David private school is a project intended to expand on an already growing kindergarten

project, “Gan Menachem”. Gan Menachem opened its doors in early 2012 and has been flourishing and expanding ever since. For this reason, we have decided it is absolutely mandatory to expand our educational reach and combine educational experience with spiritual needs.

As the Jewish Community of Cyprus grows, the families face the task of finding premium quality education, with the addition of traditional Jewish values. As there is no such educational facility on the island, most children attend a local private school with the addition of traditional and spiritual Jewish lessons after hours.

The Junior School builds on the incredibly important foundations laid by the Kindergarten experience. In addition to the social-emotional learning that has already occurred, we then add a very strong academic program. The program is underpinned by the latest research on how children learn best. We do not believe in academic trends, but in approaches that have been proven to produce deep understanding and a set of tools to enhance future learning.

The program is based on thinking and creativity. The thinking elements are emphasised through the Philosophy program in which children are taught how to question and analyze. Beyond these skills the students learn how to effectively communicate, develop their curiosity and gain an understanding of the concept of a ‘community of inquiry’. These skills are further developed through the Instrumental Enrichment program and integrated into each subject area. The second theme of creativity is emphasised through English, Mathematics, and the Visual and Performing Arts.

At the very heart of the Junior School is Judaism. It is our calendar, it is our moral guide, and it is our joy. Students leave the Junior School with a firm understanding of Jewish history and customs. More than this they have a profound love of Judaism and a strong Jewish Identity. As students leave the Junior School they should be bold in their inquiries, respectful of all, supportive of their peers, creative in their thinking, and have a firm foundation for future learning. This handbook illustrates the elements of the Junior School program specifically designed to achieve these aims.

We have secured a large property in the Centre of Larnaca to house all of our educational needs:

The premises (area of 4,000 square metres) includes: 15 classrooms, computer lab, physics lab, chemistry lab, biology lab, multipurpose science lab, music room, art room, library with the capacity of 20,000 volumes, amphitheatre with a seating capacity of 250, canteen, cafeteria, futsal court, basketball court, volleyball court, and outdoor heated swimming pool.

There are prospective properties that we have visited and are up for consideration, as well as plots of land that would be ideal to build with all of our requirements.

If you are interested in funding this project, please contact us today, or donate directly using "King David Cyprus" as the purpose of your donation. This project cannot proceed with your support!

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