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The Jewish Cemetery in Cyprus, located in Makenzie, Larnaca has been under our care since July 2006, when we started to operate the cemetery.


Throughout this time, we have continued to maintain and upgrade the cemetery.


, and we have done renovation work and maintenance, the most important thing being the new road. 

We have since then made modifications and improvements as it was impossible anymore to see the derelict situation of the cemetery. In honour and respect of the dead, we took action by cleaning the cemetery, planting trees, and bringing running water for use in cleaning and gardening. 

The current need: 

We are still in a need for full funding of the following items: 

1. Deconstruction of the old wall and reconstruction of a new wall around the cemetery’s correct boarders.

2. Asphalt of the road leading from the main road to the cemetery gates

3. New entrances that will be convenient for trucks, cars, and people to enter without a problem

4. Further beautification - where trees can be planted

5. The Cemetery currently has water access; however, it is rudimentary. The new system will also include a washroom


To accomplish this mammoth task, we will need the support of friends like you. We urge you to please donate as much as you can towards this worthwhile endeavor, to the sake of the deceased, to have a final resting place of dignity and peace and for their families who visit.

If you or someone you know can help, please contact us today, or donate directly using "Jewish Cemetery Fund" as the purpose of your donation. This project cannot proceed with your support!

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