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In the event of a death

Emergency numbers: Rabbi Shneor Levitin +357 96 388624 - Tel: +357 24 828 770 or +357 24668753


In all cases, we will need proof of Jewish identity enabling us to proceed with arrangements for a funeral next.

The Society can arrange funerals for people who are not members of the burial fund.

The Funeral director will take care of registering the death and obtain the death certificate.

Once funeral arrangements have been made the Rabbi will advise with you the shiva arrangements.

Speak personally to the Rabbi about the funeral service, Jewish burials are usually held within 24-48 hours of death.

Notify family and friends of the funeral arrangements.

The burial fund staff will be pleased to offer help and advice on the funeral the procedures and arrangements.

The cost of funeral fees are detailed in the price plans. For non-members all funeral costs must be paid prior to the funeral by Credit Card, bank transfer, cheque or cash.

For members of the burial fund, the amount which has already been paid will be deducted from the total cost of the funeral and the balance is to be paid prior to the funeral.


Cyprus Jewish Cemetery Fund Price Plans

The Cyprus Jewish Cemetery Fund can offer a complete Jewish funeral package, whether you are a member of the fund or you are from overseas.

Members, Non Members, Overseas citizen. All decisions regarding religious matters are authorized and approved only by the Chief Rabbi of Cyprus – Rabbi Arie Zeev Raskin. 

It is highly encouraged that you become a member and to secure your plots as early as possible.

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