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Minister of Justice Visits Synagogue, Demonstrating Strong Support for Israel

The Minister of Justice, Ms Anna Koukkides-Procopiou visited the Great Synagogue of Cyprus (Μεγάλη Συναγωγή Κύπρου) yesterday, demonstrating her unwavering support for Israel and the Jewish community. The visit was met with great appreciation and gratitude from members of the synagogue and the wider community.

During the visit, the Minister of Justice met with The Chief Rabbi of Cyprus, Rabbi Arie Zeev Raskin, Mrs Shaindel Raskin, community leaders and members of the synagogue, engaging in meaningful discussions about the challenges faced by the Jewish community in Cyprus.

Her visit was a clear indication of her commitment to strengthening ties between Cyprus and Israel, and her support for the Jewish people. The minister attended with respect to a lecture that was given by the former minister of Education of Israel, Mr Shai Piron, with the topic Israel 2040.

Chief Rabbi Raskin and Mrs Raskin had welcomed the minister to the synagogue and have expressed their gratitude towards the minister and to the Cyprus government for their support towards the Jewish Community of Cyprus and its needs. "We are deeply grateful for the Minister of Justice's visit to our synagogue," said The Chief Rabbi of Cyprus. "Her support and solidarity mean so much to us, and we are honoured to have her as a friend of Israel."

Following the lecture, the Minister visited the Jewish Museum of Cyprus with the chairman of the Jewish Community of Cyprus friends’ association, Mr Yaron Zeelof. The Minister toured the exhibit “The Nissen Hut” an original WW2 shelter that was used in the British Internment Camps. 12 camps were created across Cyprus, which operated from August 1946 to January 1949, and in total held 53,510 Jewish internees.

The JMC is launching the campaign to educate the world about the historical and cultural importance of Cyprus to the Jewish people.

The Jewish Museum of Cyprus which will showcase the history of Jews in Cyprus dating back almost 2000 years and in particular how Cyprus continues to be important to the Jewish people.

Cyprus and Cypriots played an important role in assisting Holocaust victims escaping Europe after World War II as they made their way to Israel. During WWII, Cyprus had become a transit point for many remnants of Jewish refugees fleeing the flaming concentration camps of Europe, trying to reach the land of Israel. Those who were caught were held in British detention camps in Cyprus.

The 53,000 + Jewish Refugees owed their health and well-being to Cyprus and to righteous Cypriots. Jewish Refugees who once lived in Cyprus moved to different parts of the world.

As such, Cyprus and Cypriots were responsible for helping to promote the re-birth of Jewish life, culture, religious observation, and the Jewish heritage throughout the world.

People like the honourable Mr. Prodromos Christou Papavassiliou saved many lives and brought joy and comfort to Holocaust survivors who were driven out of the Promised Land by the British and imprisoned in barbed wire camps in Cyprus.

The museum will help keep memories like this alive for future generations.

For more information please call Cyprus Jewish Community Centre at 24 668 753 or email:

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