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Chanukah 2023

Spectacular Chanukah Celebration

The evening at the Municipal Theatre of Larnaca was graced with captivating performances and heartfelt moments, celebrating the spirit of Chanukah.

Distinguished clarinettist, Israel Zohar, from the esteemed Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, enchanted the audience with a mesmerizing solo, presenting a repertoire of thrilling musical pieces.

Chief Rabbi of Cyprus, Rabbi Arie Zeev Raskin, illuminated the hearts and souls of attendees during the ceremonial Menorah lighting, symbolizing the festival's essence.

The event featured enchanting musical renditions by our community's talented children, offering cherished traditional songs and more, evoking the cultural richness of Chanukah.

The lighting ceremony, led by Chief Rabbi Raskin, upheld the annual tradition of the Chanukah Menorah. The occasion was graced by Deputy Minister of Tourism, Mr. Kostas Koumis, numerous ambassadors, members of Parliament, Police chiefs, and National Guard representatives, all honoured guests at the event.

During the celebration, Mr. Rafael Levi, Consul of Israel in Cyprus, extended heartfelt Chanukah wishes to all attendees. Additionally, US Ambassador Ms. Judith Fisher delivered a beautiful address emphasizing unity during challenging times.

Chanukah signifies gathering, dedication, and remembrance, celebrating the triumph of light over darkness and the resilience of the Jewish people in adversity. This message resonates closely with the people of Cyprus, reflecting their history of perseverance and prosperity despite struggles.


The event encapsulated the timeless essence of Chanukah, bringing communities together in celebration and unity.

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