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We were devastated hearing and seeing the horrors and massacres taking place in Israel over the past few days. It’s unprecedented, unbearable, and heartbreaking.

Many people here are clueless unfortunately and don’t know the magnitude of the horrors. If you would like to help, sharing content on social media in Greek about the situation would be very helpful.

The fact the there is no constant security on Jewish institutions, kindergartens etc in Cyprus, is very concerning.  We are very thankful for the security provided during the past two days, but this must be constant and not only when there are clear threats.

During the High Holidays we had many Jewish people from Israel. Due to the situation many are unable to get home and the JCC is making efforts to accommodate all of those who are stranded.

We rely on your support to help care for these people, who find themselves in a difficult and unexpected situation. Your support will also help families in the worst hit areas of Israel.

I would like to call each and every one of you to help support Israel in its time of need.

The Jewish Community of Cyprus will always help those in need, but we can only do so with support from friends like you.

Please click here to give your support.

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