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Kimcha DePischa 2022


For many and many years, every year before Passover the Jews organize Kimcha DePischa.

Kimcha DePischa is a donation made specially to families who are passing through financial difficulties, and sometimes even don't have means to buy wine and Matzos for their Passover.


In Passover we seat around the table like a "royal family" and this is exactly the time to extend our hand to these who are less fortunate.

The Jewish Community Cyprus gives you the opportunity to donate for Passover 2022 easily through the internet, telephone or post.


Please click here to donate online.

or Use the bank details below to make a transfer:

Bank Transfer:

Bank of Cyprus

NAME: Jewish Community Cyprus

BANK: Bank of Cyprus

Grigori Afxentiou Branch – No. 0556

Account #: 357019355859

IBAN CY 24002001950000357019355859



Hellenic Bank:
Account name: Jewish Community Cyprus
Bank: Hellenic Bank
Branch No: 373
Address: 120 phaneromenis ave., Larnaca 
Account No: 373-01-712350-01
IBAN: CY51 0050 0373 0003 7301 7123 5001

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