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The Jewish museum of cyprus

Εβραϊκο Μουσείο Κυπρou 

From 1948  forward, Israel grew and the Jewish communities that had been destroyed during the Holocaust were slowly rebuilt.

There were a total of 12 internment camps in Cyprus that operated from August 1946 to January 1949. The camps held 53,510 people. Conditions in the camps were very harsh, with poor sanitation, over-crowding, lack of privacy, and shortage of clean water.

It was the aid provided by the Joint Distribution committee and a brave group of Cypriots who helped make living in these internment camps tolerable.
Yet, few people know of the role that Cypriots played in helping the 53,000 + Holocaust refugees in these camps. Few people know of the rebuilding process that was undertaken with the aid of these Cypriots. 

Instead of abandoning or ignoring these Holocaust refugees, certain brave people of Cyprus, dared to challenge the then authorities in Cyprus to help rehabilitate Holocaust refugees interned in Cyprus so that they could be ready to re-enter a world of normalcy in which Holocaust survivors could feel comfortable and safe to return to their Jewish identities.

Until now, this story has not been told. The story of the efforts of Cypriots who helped Holocaust refugees in Cyprus to be able to go on to re-building a Jewish way of life in whatever other countries to which they eventually relocated, is a story that needs telling.

Thousands of Cypriots helped Holocaust victims in the internment camps in Cyprus as they waited to get to Israel after World War II.
After Israel was founded in 1948, the bond between Israel, Cyprus remained and it has grown stronger and stronger. Today’s Jewish community of Cyprus is proud to be part of every facet of Cypriot culture.

Cyprus may be small but we are a powerful and important force in the European Union. It is only fitting that that the Cyprus Jewish Community was chosen to host this event … and to shine a light on Cyprus, its culture and its people, who have become a new and expanding home to Jewish culture, education and business. 

The purpose of the Museum is to reach people who really should know more about what Cypriots did to help Holocaust refugees, more about Israel and more about the Jewish people.  The Museum will promote awareness, tolerance and show how the Jewish people and Israel are important contributors to culture, education, science and the arts and will promote a better understand of cultures so that in this environment there can be peace in the Middle East.

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