Hope of Cyprus Inaugurated in 2005 for the first time in history, the highest standards in the world of mikvahs of both halakhic compilations and all the functions of comfort and hygiene, in order to enable the purity of the family in Cyprus to be the best and most comfortable for the Jews of the country.

There is no need to expand the meaning of family purity in Jewish life. Blessed be God, since that time thousands of baptisms of Jewish women and Jewish tourism were held in the mikvah, each of which was a pure and sacred experience.

Despite the rigorous maintenance, the damage of time and nature has done their best and the hope is now needed to renew the pumping, ventilation and heating systems, replacing the roofs and sealing extensively. We have a great opportunity - 3 weeks of little activity before the arrival of many visitors to Cyprus. A total bid of the professionals who commissioned the renovation is estimated at around € 26,000.

To view pictures and a detailed explanation of the need and renovation of the mikvah - click here 

Divine Tanna Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai dealt with purity for the Jewish people. Today, on his holy day - Lag B'Omer, this is a special opportunity and able to contribute to continuing the hope of purification in Cyprus and to be blessed with all the salvation - "He should be trusted by Rabbi Shimon at the time of urgency"!

24 hour opportunity! Take part in the renewal of the hope of purification in Cyprus on Lag B'Omer Day - the revelation of the Divine Tana Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, and receive the salvation - "It is worthwhile to rely on Rabbi Shimon at the time of urgency"!

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